Wedding Flip Flops: The Summer Wedding must have

Weddings are the occasion of joy, excitement, togetherness, and many preparations. You must decide on several factors, such as the guest list, venue, dress, and shoes. Footwear is one of the most critical decisions for the wedding day. They need to be comfortable enough to let you dance the night away while being stylish enough to match the aura of a wedding.

Brides are getting creative with their wedding shoes. Long, elegant heels are no longer the only available choice. wedding flip flops are more in tune with the comfort plus style element of a wedding and, as such, have seen rising fame in recent times. If you have a summer wedding and want the most fun, here’s what you need to know about the current obsession with wedding flip-flops.

Is It Appropriate to Wear Flip Flops to The Wedding?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to wear flip-flops to the wedding. When you think of flip-flops, they might not come across as blingy enough to be worn to a wedding. But things are different now. You have a vast line of options in flip-flops to choose from.

From beaded and pearly to ones with flowers, you can easily find sandals to match the sparkle o your wedding dress. Flip-flops are especially necessary when the destination demands them, such as at a beach wedding. If you are going for a casual attire theme, you can pair up the flip-flops with easy attire.

Generally, it is fine and acceptable to wear wedding flip-flops.

Why Should You Wear Wedding Flip-Flops?

Flip-flops are incredibly comfortable and don’t hurt your feet like heels or other fancy shoes. The wedding festivities are comprised mainly of running around, ensuring everything is done, more walking, and finally dancing. All of these will be better accomplished with comfy footwear such as flip-flops.

You can also get matching flip-flops for the bridesmaid’s group so they can get all things done with easy shoes. At the end of your wedding, your feet won’t be hurting inconsolably. Instead, you will feel relaxed even after jumping crazily on the dance floor.

What Kind of Wedding Flip-Flops Exist?

You can find flip-flops in all kinds of fancy designs. You can go for plain white or black flip-flops with the wedding dress or choose something unique like a glitter strap. There are flip-flops, such as a heart, with specific designs in the middle. You can pick one with such designs or choose a standout color like golden, pink, etc.

If you already have a pair of flip-flops at home, you can DIY them and turn them into beautiful shoes for the wedding. You may have to color them if they don’t match your dress or add something on top, such as lace, to hide the color underneath.

You can add a net in the form of a bow, beads or graceful pearls, floral embellishments, ribbons, or even add sparkle by sticking glitters.


Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make it fun, extraordinary, and simple. Instead of getting wrapped up in traditions that make no sense to you, break stereotypes and do what you want to. Wedding flip-flops will allow you the flexibility and comfort of moving around freely at your wedding and enjoying it. Plus, they look freakishly amazing. So, put your flops on and rock the dance floor.

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