How to Identify Original Jeans

If you look into the closet of your friends and family, one material that will be peculiar to everyone is the jeans or denim material. Everyone wears and loves jeans. Whether it is the beautiful look of some jeans, or the fact that it can go with a lot of other clothing items, what we know for sure is that jeans are popular. That is why the selling and buying of wholesale jeans is a business that will thrive because of the large availability of potential customers. However, to attract people to buy jeans from you, you need to first offer something different. Most people have their own shop for purchasing some items; however, if you offer originality, they do not mind changing.

Check the style number

You may not know this until now, but all jeans that are original usually have a style number. This style number indicates the amount of jeans that the manufacturers produced in that particular style. It is a way to be sure of how many products they made and sold. This style number is usually at the back of the jeans, usually on the button. If your jeans don’t have that style number, you may need to think twice.

Check the style markings

The style markings of a jeans are an indication of the jeans details including the size, length, and other details. These style markings are important information for any buyer willing to purchase fitted jeans with correct sizes and original jeans. As a result, manufacturers tend to put this information in at least three locations to indicate clearly. Most times, you will find this info at the waist of the Jean, the price tag, and the label tag if it is an original jean. However, if you get fake jeans, you will find this label in one location.

Check back for label

Most jeans have labels at the back to show their originality. These labels contain information like the size, color, length, waist size, and other information of the Jean. A Jean that does not have this label is a great sign of not being original.

Check brand name and label

The brand name is very crucial to be sure you are buying original jeans. Most brands have a particular spelling, and if you check the fake jeans, they may not get the spelling. Another thing you need to be conscious about is the text alignment of the brand name of the jeans. Most brands have their names as their logos, but they will take shapes and curves. You need to understand how the shape of an item goes to be sure of the original. That way, when you see a fake brand of jeans, you can easily tell.


Buying wholesale jeans is a wise decision whether you are wearing them personally or for business sake. Personally, you will be saving a lot of money and getting numerous options for your jeans, while for business sales, there is a steady market ready to purchase jeans from you in no time. Regardless of your reasons for purchasing wholesale jeans, you need to be certain that you are buying original jeans from the right source.

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